Continuing again for 2019 the Norcal Lefties would like to thank Jeff as the Club Professional supporting our organization. Jeff DeBenedetti is the Head Golf Professional and owner of the DeBenedetti Golf Shop at Las Positas Golf Course in Livermore. He is widely known as one of the top left handed golf professionals in northern California, winning the Toyota Team Challenge in 2000. Jeff has been a member of the PGA since 2002 and owner of the Golf Shop at Las Positas Golf Course with his wife, Geanna, since 2005. His career in golf began at Chico when he realized he had a natural talent for the game and pursued a career teaching golf. His passion remains junior golfers and exceeding the golfer's expectations at his facility.

Jeff has graciously accepted a position on the Executive Committee of the Association, bringing with him a broad base of knowledge that will assist in maintaining the reputation of NCLHGA as a leader in Lefty Golf.

The following is available for all Norcal Lefties with Jeff:

To reach Jeff you can either EMAIL him, call him at (925) 455 - 7822 or stop by Las Positas Golf Course which is located at 917 Clubhouse Drive, Livermore, CA 94551.

"I look forward to playing with and assisting the 'Lefties' of Northern California" - Jeff DeBenedetti


The December tip from Jeff is called HYBRIDS, LEARN TO LOVE THEM.

Hybrids are described as being somewhere between a fairway wood and an iron, but for the purpose of swinging these clubs correctly, swing them as long irons.

Play the ball in the middle of your stance and pinch it off the turf at impact. Don't stand up and try to lift the ball in the air like many amateurs try to do. Try to keep your spine angle centered, and try to drive down through the ball. The hybrid wide sole will even allow you to hit a little behind the ball and still produce an accepatable shot.

Hybrids are here to stay and if you have'nt tried one yet you are behind the game. Players tend to hit the ball higher, longer, and softer than their long irons. Who doesn't want to be able to do that?


The November tip from Jeff is called INTERMEDIATE TARGET.

Many players have trouble getting lined up to the target. From the driver, to short putts, I have a way to help, and it is something you see all the time when you are watching golf on TV.

If you watch Tiger Woods closely when he lines up, you will see he has an intermediate target. On the Tee it is a few feet in front of him. On the green it tends to be closer to the ball. Tiger has found this simple practice helps him to line up correctly. It is easier to line up to something close to you rather than something 300 yards away.

If the best player in the world uses this simple practice, I would think it could help your game as well. I know it helps mine!


The August tip from Jeff is called WHAT BALL TO PLAY.

I am asked by a lot of players, what ball do you play? The answer is the Titleist ProV1x.

Most often the next question is would that be a good ball for them? More often then not the answer is no. Ninety percent of the golfers in America are 18 handicappers or higher. The "ProV" and the "ProV1x" is designed for the low handicapper. This type of golf ball is made to give the most amount of distance, and the most amount of feel. In other words, it is a soft ball.

The softer the ball, the more it will spin. Not just up and down but sideways as well. The more side spin you have the more you will hook, or slice the ball. A firmer ball like the Titleist NXT for mid handicappers (10-15), or the Titleist DT Solo for the higher handicappers would be a better ball for the majority of players. And they are less expensive to boot.

Remember the ball doesn't make the player, the player makes the ball.


The July tip from Jeff is called TARGET LANE U.S.A.

Have you ever been watching golf on T.V. and notice a player stuggling for the day? More often then not you will see them doing a lot of practice drills before they take their actual shot.

The course is not the place to work on your practice drills. I learned the phrase "Target Lane U.S.A." from the late Bill Strausbaugh, known as a great instructor who worked with a lot of top players on the PGA Tour. Bill said, "There's no way a good player could hit a bad shot if they were concentrating on the target line."

In other words, trust your swing and focus on where you want the ball to go. The time to work on your swing is when you are on the driving range.


The May tip from Jeff is called THE LONG BUNKER SHOT.

Considered the hardest shot in golf, with a few adjustments the long bunker shot can be easy to hit.

Instead of opening your stand and club face, and making a steep swing, use a flatter motion. Align your feet and club face square to the target and stand as you would a full iron shot, playing the balll just ahead of center. Using a lofted wedge, make a long slow backswing, then drive your knees towards the target, taking a shallow sliver of sand and swinging to a full finish. By taking less sand and hitting with a square club face, you can get the ball to the hole.


The April tip from Jeff is called PULL THE FLAG.

The topic of when to pull the flag has been debated by many for many years. If a player is just off the green should he pull the flag out of the hole, or leave it in?

The theory about leaving it in is the flag will stop the ball if it is moving too fast. That is true, however a very negative thought to have when you are just off the green.

The correct play is to pull the flag whenever you are trying to make it. The only thing the flag will do is get in the way. The number one rule when chipping or pitching is to accelerate through the ball. If you are afraid to go after it because you think it will go too far, the result will not be favorable.

So remember if you are trying to make it from off the green, and you can see the hole, pull the flag and watch them go in.


Our March tip from Jeff is called HIT IT STRAIGHTER!

Come on..... can it be this easy?

Every golfer wants to hit the ball straighter, however, if you ask them to give up some distance to achieve this most will say yes if they are around a group of people. But secretly, the answer is no. If you can get over losing a little distance with the driver, maybe 10-15 yards, I have the secret that anybody can make work for their game.

Tee the ball a little lower then you are accustomed to. By doing this, the ball will take off a little lower. Balls with lower trajectory tend to move less sideways then those that fly higher. The ball will hit the ground sooner and roll longer.

The end result is a little shorter, but in the short grass. What would you rather hit, a 7 iron from the rough on #14, or a 6 iron from the fairway?

Give me the 6 iron.....

Until next month...


After a brief break for the holidays and rain, our next tip from Jeff for February is called ROLL IT!!

In order to get a “true roll” a player needs to have the proper loft in their clubface when the ball is struck. Too much, or to little loft may cause the ball to either bounce or skid when struck.

Most putters have 4 degrees of loft. When you play the ball too far forward in your stance, and your hand position is too far behind the ball, this will add loft to the putter face. The result will cause your ball to get airborne when struck.

Equally as bad is to play the ball too far back in your stance with your hands in front of the ball. This will promote a descending strike down on the ball causing it to hop before it rolls.

Position the ball inside your right foot (for lefties) with your hands over the ball. Try to swing the putter about a half inch above the ground through impact. This will help to hit the equator of the ball to get a “true roll.”

All the best,



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